Xava is a some weird guy from planet Earth

and he doesn't like coffee.


Who are you?

I am Ata (aka Xava).

What are you doing?

Basicly, I code. I code websites, utility tools, android apps, simulators, games and such. I like learning new stuff and trying different things.

When were you born?


Where do you live?

I live in Earth. Scroll up for more info.

Why do you like coding?

I will be open to you. i HATE working. That's why I like coding. Programs automates things. Makes your life way more simpler. So, I like automating everyday tasks, and make more time for my life*. The thing is, you can't automate designing. Ever. That's why I love it. I love being creative. I love it like an abstract color in the painting, or a flower in a city.

What is love?

Baby don't hurt me...

* I have none



Know your ping before you pong. This app lets you know your ping before you play the game.


Adjust without lifting your hands. This app lets you adjust volume with a scroll on your taskbar.


Know your apps, access them in no time. This app lets you run shortcuts with their names - without clicking.


What color is that dress? This app lets you know the color where your cursor standing at.


One input, multiple searchs. This app lets you search on Google, YouTube & Web with single input.


Snip your screen, share with anyone. This app lets you take, edit, corp, store, search screenshots.